Thursday, April 17, 2014

Continuation of work day jobs

 After the last work day, Tony and the guys have continued on with jobs that were started by the group from Racine.  Steve, Nick and the guys are shown above working on the tongue and groove on the porch roof.
 The framing crew is on vacation this week.  These picks are from last week. (obviously, as there’s no snow!)  They have finished the sheeting, which they are working on in the picture below.  They starting to put the house wrap on before they left.  When they come back next week they will have 2 or 3 days of work left.
 The photo below is of the inside of the barn section of the building, which we will use as a chapel.  We are really excited about the interior of this space.  It’s going to be great!
 Tony and the guys also continued the job that was started on the work day of the porch railings.  They finished all four on Lumberjack Lodge.  They look “right” and finish the look of the building.  On an upcoming work day, one of the jobs will be to sand and stain the railings.
 Tony and the guys have also continued work on the brush and tree removal that was started on the work day for the area where the septic will go.  He even got most of the stumps pulled out.  We even had a large burn pile last week to get rid of some of the previously gathered brush and trees.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Calvary Memorial Work Day

 Last weekend, Calvary Memorial Church, of Racine, WI brought 53 volunteers to Camp Daniel for our largest ever, work day.  The week prior was filled with preparations for the tasks to be tackled.  And Friday was spent shoveling the 8” of wet heavy snow that fell throughout the day.  The group traveled from Racine Friday night, and spent the night in Lumberjack Lodge.  As you see in the photo above, Saturday morning broke clear and snowy.  After 2 shifts of breakfast, they were off to the races.  Following is a rundown of many of the jobs that they worked on.
 Lynn Sedelbauer was visiting for the weekend, with his daughter Laura.  While Laura helped out in the kitchen, Lynn worked with 2 others to clear the future septic system area of all trees and brush.  As  the guys limbed the felled trees, there were kids and teens on hand to pull the brush into a large burn pile.

 Another group started the job of building the railings for the Trapline Lodge porches.
 Sewing Central was set up in the Piantine home, as Jen worked with 4 ladies on the curtains for the Trapline lodge.  They ironed, measured, cut, pinned and sewed the day away.

 A group of 8 volunteers took on the many tasks the Karol planned in the Factory.  They did a lot of cutting for the crafts that 200 campers will do this summer.  At one point, they had 3 cutting boards going and a number of people with scissors, all doing a great job of the preliminary work of the craft projects.
 Tim and Marceaux worked in the garage with 2 guys that knew their way around vehicle repairs.  In the photo below, Tim is showing us the snow on the lawnmower deck that he was putting on the John Deere after removing the snowblower.  (He has been warned that if it snows again, he’ll have to drive up to camp with his shovel!!)  The guys also changed oil on some camp vehicles, switched out a water pump, got the salt spreader wiring problem fixed and other things that I don’t really know anything about.
 Tony had planned many jobs in the Trapline Lodge, including installing the stall doors in the bathrooms, and some finish trim work too.
 This group cut, sanded and polyurethane boards that will have hooks attached and be mounted in the dorm bathrooms.
 There were 2 groups of plumbers working on Saturday as well.  These guys were installing the sinks and faucets, of which there are 12.  Another plumber attached all the fittings for the drains.  They also got a couple of toilets installed.  It was a good jump on such a large job.
 We had some electric work.  These two gentleman installed exit signs, ceiling fans, smoke detectors and digital thermometers.  I believe that completes the electric work in this building.
I managed to miss getting a photo of another group that was working on installing tongue and groove on the porch ceiling of the Hartley House.  And we couldn’t have made it through the day without the awesome help of two ladies in the kitchen.

What a blessing Camp Daniel has received in the people of this congregation. This is the second year that they have come for a work day, and the third year that they will bring their junior high group for a missions trip at camp.  There were 63 people signed up for the workday, which is amazing considering that they only have between 200 and 300 in the congregation!  It’s always amazing to step back after such a work day and see how many projects have been completed.  It gives our staff a needed boost!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Framing started on new building

Since our last blogpost, the framing crew has started working, and it’s fun to watch them, as they are so fast and efficient.  Naturally, they started with the lower level.  With so much of the walls being concrete, they were able to put up two walls, and start right in with the floor trusses.  

After the first set of trusses were up, they sheeted what will be the first floor, then added the second section of trussing.   
From this view you can see the taller studs that will be the tall open area that will be great for Marceuax’ work.  The room closest to you in the photo will be for all the construction tools.
You may have noticed that the floor is gravel.  We will most likely be pouring that ourselves.  We saved a lot of money by not having that done by the concrete crew.  It can be poured after this first stage of building is done.  We will probably do at least part of it this spring, as we can really use the storage space that it will provide.

In the pic below, you can see the start of the second story.  The area closest to you is the barn, which will be used as chapel and multipurpose.  Since they won’t be putting in the windows right away, they sheeted right over the openings.  When the time comes to install the windows, you just cut out the plywood.
 The last two pictures show the upper floor.  They framed the interior walls and most of the exterior walls, then started sheeting and lastly, adding ceiling trusses.  The plan was to have a crane for them, but with the road restrictions, we can’t get one here, so they had to use the boom that they have here.  Right now, they have over half of the trusses that you see below in place.  
 After the above trusses are set, they will start on the barn side which is the open area in the pic below.  The trusses go the opposite direction, and they have the barn shape.  
 Pretty good for one week’s work!

While the framing crew has been busy with the new building, the Camp Daniel staff has been working all week on preparations for the Largest Ever Camp Daniel Work Day!  We have 60 people coming this Saturday....details in the next post.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Concrete in the snow

 I really just feel bad for this concrete crew.  They worked in Rhinelander all winter, through sub zero and snow; afterwards, they started here, and the weather hasn’t improved much, even though the calendar insists that it’s spring.  We got about 4 more inches of the wet heavy snow last night.  In the pic above, you can see where they have finished the tall walls, and have dug the footings for the front wall.  The concrete is mixed with hot water, and steams as it comes out of the truck.
 In the photo above, they have everything poured, and the insulation on .  The picture below is the tall wall.  After it was poured and the forms removed, they paint a black tar-like membrane on the concrete.  Then it’s covered in plastic, and the pic polystyrene goes over all that.
 This picture ws taken this morning.  The excavator is back filling the footings.  This crew will be done within the next day or so, and the framing crew will then start.
 While the professionals work on the new building, we’ve been working on the finishing details of Trapline Lodge.  Karol finished the logos in the 4 bathrooms.  Next will be the paw prints.

The guys have been trimming, installing door knobs, filling nail holes (which seems to be never ending).  Dave Dettloff was here and got the stall doors up in two of the baths.  So we’re really moving along.  Main things left are the last 2 floors (waiting for warm weather) and the finish plumbing.  Of course, in between those things, there always seems to be shoveling!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Construction update

 The concrete crew is working so quickly on the new building at Camp Daniel.  This week they put in the long pieces of rebar that will give the concrete walls strength.  Monday morning a flatbed truck rolled in with the forms for the walls, followed by two dump trucks of gravel.  This week has been a race against the spring road restrictions.  Basically, get as much here as possible before the weight limits are reduced.  The limits cause many more trips of materials than would otherwise be necessary; and we all know about the price of gas!
 By yesterday afternoon, the forms were in place for about half the wall.  A pumper truck was brought in, and the concrete trucks came one after the other to get the forms filled.  If you’re not familiar, the concrete truck dumps into another vehicle that pumps the concrete up the high arm you see in the pics.  The crew then has great control over a narrow steady stream on concrete.
 While all that was going on, more flatbeds brought materials.  One load was the floor trusses.  And the other is sheeting and lumber.
The fun part is that while all that’s going on, the rest of us were busy working in Trapline Lodge dorm.  Karol has been painting the logos in the cabin bathrooms.  Bobcat is the furthest along.  Marceaux and Brian were installing all the trim pieces for the venting in the last two rooms.  Trish and Molly filled nail holes with putty, which is a seemingly endless job.  Richard, Nick, Nick and Steve still had some doors and trim to polyurethane, so they tackled that job.  Afterward, Steve and Nick installed door knobs.  Molly sent out additional camp applications too.  
And after working all day in the dorm, most everyone was off to Green Bay for Special Olympics and Bible study.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Breaking Ground on New Multi-Purpose Building!

 I am so glad to be able to finally announce that we have broken ground on the new multi-purpose/garage at Camp Daniel!!  The process for this building started well over a year ago with a floor plan by Karol and Tony.  The journey has brought us into contact with builders, architects, contractors and inspectors.  We were introduced to Frontier Builders, of Kaukauna, and they have been instrumental in bringing it all together and at a price that we can afford.  Permit holdups and the worst winter in recent history had joined forces, causing a 90 day delay in construction.  So when the equipment starting rolling in on Monday, we were very excited.  First job; snow removal.
 Then they got down to the real excavating.  The ground wasn’t frozen as far down as one would have thought (I would have guessed at least a mile and a half!)
 That excavator would have made Mike Mulligan proud.  In no time, the guys were putting in the forms for the footings.
Yesterday and today they poured concrete.  It was a very different feeling to have a cement truck roll up and not have all of our missionaries around, in rubber boots, with shovel in hand.  I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just in case you didn’t know how awesome Camp Daniel counselors are

Just in case you didn’t know how awesome Camp Daniel counselors are.....

We received a large envelope in the mail last week from a counselor, Alicia, that came to Camp Daniel via her high school Spanish teacher, Crystal, whom came to us through her dad, Rick, whom attends Tony and Jo’s church in Athelstane.  

Alicia had Barbie as a camper last year.  Barbie is a beloved fun loving camper, who also happens to be one of our older campers.  She has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and struggles to communicate.  

A letter in the envelope explained that said counselor, Alicia, is studying speech-language pathology in graduate school and that “Barbie has no way of communicating besides the words “yes” and “no” with a lot of effort.  So, I have made a communication board for Barbie to use while at camp.”  She went on to explain that it generally takes many attempts by professionals to get the right communication board, but that she wanted to try anyways.  Alicia went on saying, “Everyone deserves to be able to communicate and it breaks my heart that Barbie is so limited and has nothing to help her.  I thought that doing something is better than doing nothing...”

Since Alicia spent so much time with Barbie, she was able to customize the board to her specific interests.  The back of the board gives great directions on how to use the board for Barbie’s future counselor.

How cool is that?