Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Work Days

 October 11 and 18 were the last two work days for the year.  We were blessed with great weather and even better helper both days.  The above photo is the wellness center in the new building.  It was drywalled, taped and the first coat of plaster was applied.
 On the 11th, a group from First Reformed Church, of Sheboygan falls made the trip up for the work day.  They worked in the barn and in the old garage.  In the photo above, the guys were getting started on closing in the one backstage room that connects to the current tool room.  The area needed to be insulated and drywalled so that the area and it’s annex, can be heated this winter.  By the end of the day, they had all the drywall up.  Since then, Nick and the guys taped and mudded the room. Trish, and Betty painted it.  And Tony and Stevo put up shelving.  It’s all ready for cold weather!
The weather for the work days was nice enough to get some things done outside.  In the photo above, some guys are working with Richard to finish the retaining wall that was started by a youth group this summer.  In the pic below, Ron and Don are digging in fence posts along the edge of the barn’s property.

Tony found two windows at Habitat for Humanity that were a perfect fit for the two backstage windows in the barn.  It took 3 scaffolds of height to reach the window!
The group from The Able Church came up on the 18th for their annual fall leaf raking at Camp Daniel.  A group also went to the Brunot house to split firewood from trees that had fallen earlier this year.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Camp Daniel Booster Club Fall Picnic

 Saturday, Sept 27 was the annual Camp Daniel fall picnic.  This year it was put on by the Booster Club.  Of course, we had to keep the food the same because the chili and fix in’s are tradition at this point!  The Booster Club was raising money to “Pour the Floor” (the concrete for the basement level of the maintenance/chapel building)  Since in years past this function wasn’t a fundraiser, they didn’t want to have a high pressure fundraiser, so in keeping with that and the fun picnic atmosphere, they did a 50/50 raffle.  Above, Becky, who is the head of the Booster Club, and Betty, also part of the Booster Club and new CD intern are showing us the excitement of the  raffle.
 Amongst other volunteers and donors, all of the campers and counselors from this year were invited to the picnic.  We were happy to see Sherry (above) and Kenny and Al (below) come out for the beautiful day we had for the picnic.
 The Weidner family drove up from Oostburg for the event.  We are blessed to have this family as part of the Camp Daniel family.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lots Done in a Short Time: Camp Daniel Style

So, we haven’t blogged in quite some time.  We, at Camp Daniel, have been so busy working on the grounds in preparations for a wedding that was held here on Saturday.  When we finished our camp season, which feels like 6 months ago, but, the barn had insulation on the walls and rough electric.  We have been working hard since then to get as much done as possible.  We had two very successful workdays in September.  Thanks again, to everyone who participated in the work days.  Each day we had a crew on exterior staining.  We had a fast crew both weeks and they got almost all the exterior staining done.
 On the second workday, they also sanded and painted all 32 of our outdoor benches.  The wedding was held by the lake and the freshly painted benches looked great.
 During the work days, and most every day between, Tony and Marceaux worked on electric.  Here, Tony is installing a light fixture that we made from a rusty trough from a barn.  It has 5 bare old fashioned bulbs hanging from it.  The fixture is partially recessed into the ceiling.  They also wired dozens of outlets and switches.
 The guys insulated the ceiling of the barn, and during the work days, volunteers insulated the rest of the ceiling in the 55'x96’ building.   Let me tell you....that’s ALOT of insulation.
 Then it was time to drywall.  Nick, Steve and the guys did the barn ceiling.  It took multiple days to get all that up.  During the first work day, the walls were drywalled and all of it was taped.  During the follow day or two, we mudded all the joints and screw heads.  Finally, Molly, Trish and Karol were able to paint the walls with a tinted primer.  All of this work we knew, was to be covered with salvaged barn pieces, but we needed to meet fire codes.
 Tony got started on some of the details of the barn.  Here, he’s adding giant beams that will create a hayloft for the barn.
 We installed 14’ beams on the ceiling to give the barn a post and beam look; then it was time to start installing the tin panels that we salvaged from the roof of a barn this spring.  Rusty side down, of course.  By putting in many long hours, we were able to finish the ceiling in just two days.
 Although the exterior of the building wouldn’t be finished, we worked on landscaping for the wedding.  The parents of the groom donated money for the sod, which looked great.  Oh, I almost forgot, we formed and poured a concrete sidewalk too.
 Once the ceiling was done, we started putting barn boards on the walls.  The side walls have regular barn boards, but the wall by the stage area is covered in the white painted boards. We worked up until the last minute with the details.  We even took time to put up some decorations.
 This was what it looked like for the reception.
 Where Jesse and Cera’s name is, will be a projection screen, but for this event we made it special by painting it just for the wedding.
The ceremony was by the lake.  The 135 people in attendance all had a good view of the beautiful bride and her groom.  The wedding was great, and we were blessed to be a part of this special couple’s happy day.

The next day we napped............

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some new things you may have missed at Camp 2014

 Since many of you were not at camp this year, I thought I’d do a blog on some of the new things implemented at camp this year.  Following the trends, as we do at Camp Daniel, we put up a photo booth two times each week.  One on pirate day, and one before French night.  Everyone had fun taking selfies with the props.
 We had two new theme meals this summer.  In the pic above, you see Stevo Hays supporting the Blue Team during the Red/Blue Pep Rally.  This meal replaced the football tailgating theme.  The dining room was decked out in red and blue, as were most everyone there.  The camp was introduced to the summer interns who led their teams in chants and cheers.
 Our second new theme was British Breakfast.  I know you are asking yourself, “How did they get the Queen Mum to go to Wausaukee?”  She was awesome.   In the photo below, you can see the honorary Prince and Princess of Spatula (complete with crowns) being served at the royal table by Chef Trish.
 In a less formal change, we changed up the counselor snacks this year too.  Some of the items are the same, but everything was served “bar” style.  Below, you see the chocolate fountain bar.  We also had a nacho bar, sundae bar, potato skin bar, popcorn bar, veggie pizza bar,  and pretzel bar.  It was all a hit; but I’d like to thank the DiBiase’s for donating the chocolate fountain.  It gave a real “Aaah” factor on the first night.
 Our “Don’t Stop” theme had a car racing look, which was fun.  The photo here shows one of the most fun additions to camp this year; CSPN (Camp Daniel Sports Network) was taken to a whole new level.  Each day the CSPN desk would travel to the days group rec activity and the announcers, Steve and Nick would announce the game via a cordless sound system.  They even had sports themed background music.  They did a great job of commentary, which added a new layer to the activities.  In the photo below, CSPN was held in the chapel, where they were able to show video highlights from the previous days activities, and interview the athlete involved.  It was all quite entertaining, and the campers got a kick out of the focus on them.  (A microphone in hand is always a good thing too!)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day after Camp

We, at Camp Daniel, have recently finished our first two weeks of summer camp.  Our year long interns, Steve and Nick, were joined by 5 summer interns, for 6 weeks this summer.  As a group, the interns ran group rec time at camp, including messy games.  They each also had campers both weeks.  The 7 interns were  cabin leaders, helping out other campers and counselors.  They also organized and ran evening meetings specifically for the teens at camp.  The group did a great job in all these things, and were tired after camp ended.  They enjoyed a nap on Saturday, but Sunday afternoon they were back at work, getting ready for a group of 30 people that were on their way for a work week at Camp Daniel.  The group is re-installing a retaining wall by the garage.  The old way had to be dismantled.  In the photo below, the interns were joined by Anthony, Richard and Nick to move hundreds on concrete retaining block.  The foreground captures many of the blocks already done.
 The guys showing off a bit.
 The girls couldn’t be outshined by a  bunch of guys!  
They worked with Tony on final preparations in the barn, like putting away tools.  They also helped Tony build a new ramp for the chapel at Lake Helen.
Since camp ended, the interns have had multiple meetings with Karol and Tony evaluating the first two weeks of camp, planning for the next two, and going over lots of leadership skills.  Today, they also helped Trish by weeding most of the property.  And some time yesterday was spent mowing grass, sweeping sidewalks by the lake, and cleaning the snack stand for the arriving work group.

So proud of this crew!  
Camp Daniel is so blessed!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

St. Paul’s of Sheboygan Falls Work Week

 Last week, Camp Daniel was very blessed to have a great work week with a great group of people.  St Paul’s Lutheran, in Sheboygan Falls, is the home church of the Weidner family.  It was through their connection that we connected with the pastor in charge of the missions trip for this year.  There were 17 people here from the Sunday afternoon of Father’s Day until Friday afternoon.  Kids and adults alike fused to make one team.   They were put to work on multiple jobs on the Camp Daniel campus.  The most important job needing done was putting on the metal roofing on the new building. Our guys worked alongside the volunteers to get a large job done.  In the photo above, you see them putting a panel on the roof.  It was a 6 man job just to do that as the long roofing panels were over 20’ long.

 On Thursday, we rented a high lift to finish the lower barn panels.  They were too steep to allow someone to be on the roof.  They finished just before dinner on Thursday.  One of the other large jobs was pulling nails from all the beams and wood that we salvaged from the two barn “unraisings”.  Now all that wood is ready to be used in the new barn.  It was a huge job that would have taken our guys months to accomplish.  We tried to express our gratitude, but I don’t think that words could adequately express it.
 The Weidner kids worked too.  They helped Karol with crafts, and they also worked outside on some small landscaping jobs.  Goes to show that you’re never too young to serve others!  What a great example they are to all of us.
 Jen and Amanda spent the week sewing curtains.  They had been started during a prior work day, and between the two of them, they were able to get all the curtains done in the Trapline Lodge.
 Karol and Molly helped with a group that alternated between exterior staining, and craft jobs in the Factory.  They finished the stain on the dorms and railings.  Then they stained the exterior stairs and the bleacher area around the fire pit.  Finally, they stained the railings and cedar shakes on the factory.  In all, they used 10 gallons of stain!!
 When it was raining, or the stain fumes were too much to bear, that group worked with Karol in the Factory.  There were many small jobs that needed to be completed for the summer craft projects.  Well, what is a small job isn’t so small when you have to do it 200 times! They also helped Karol with all the clothing in the photo below.  These are all items that we purchased on clearance at retailers; we used some awesome modern technology to put Camp Daniel logos on each item.  It’s a time consuming project, but we produced a lot of great items for Papa to sell in the shop!

 After the roofers completed their task, they set to working on electric in the barn.  They got a good start on pulling wires for outlets and light fixtures.  In the photo below, Steve and Nick are installing a catwalk that will be used for sound and video wiring.
 We hope that they come back again next year!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Centerpieces, Awards and Dancing!

 Karol has been working on centerpieces for our new theme meal - Pep Rally.  This theme will kick off camp each week with a red versus blue themed meal.  A new theme means all new decorations for the dining hall.  When deciding on new decorations, we have been looking to the future needs of when we are on our own grounds.  Our new dining room will have round tables, which will be very conducive to centerpieces, so that’s been the focus.    So, on the cheap and from scratch.....I present Pep Rally centerpieces!

 The Italian theme is being brought back by popular demand.  So some pasta inspired centerpieces will now grace our tables.

 We are so proud to announce that Ruth Hucek was awarded a Young Philantropist award for 2014, by the Marinette and Menominee Area Community Foundation.  Camp Daniel nominated Ruth, who we recognize as a young volunteer who transforms her community for the better.  Her hours of volunteering at Camp Daniel made her a great recipient for this award.    At the same award ceremony, Camp Daniel received a grant for $1,035 for dorm bunk bed mattresses.

 The annual Dance for Disability, commonly known as D4D was held Saturday, June 7th, at the Bay Beach Pavilion.  We were pleased that we had approximately 250 people in attendance.  Invites and announcements went out to area group homes, and workshops for people with disabilities.  People came from all over the area for a free meal and lots of great dancing.  The dance is for people with disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends.  It’s a great way for everyone to get together and have some fun.